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TimanFaya is born in July 2016, when Bastien Chenorkian a.k.a. “Ziko” launches his swiss reggae. He is now travelling and sharing his good vibe all over Europe with DJ Masta J Selecta since 2017.

Bastien Chenorkian a.k.a. “Ziko”

beatmaker, author, composer, performer.

Ziko learned himself to play music at 12 years old as a guitarist in a metal band. He discovered the art of beatmaking 6 years later.

In 2018, Ziko opened the recording studio "Oxalis Records" and started to produce his music by himself,  by Julien Somma alias Masta J Selecta.

On The Road :

Barely out of its shell, TimanFaya played his first live show in the beginning of 2017 as the first part of Jah Mason at Kheops Club, Martigny. After that show, he was asked by VercoStyle to play the first part of Lyricson in Vercorin, the 4th of March 20017. TimanFaya starts soon to make his first stages in bars, clubs and festivals over Switzerland and France. He played a lot of first part show for different artists like Jah Mason, Lyricson, Tribuman, Anthony B, Omar Perry, Cédric Myton…


During his first year, TimanFaya was playing on 11 events, for example: 

  • CBD Festival (Lausanne, CH)

  • Reggae to Zion Festival (Crest, FR)

  • Reggae Beach Party (Bob Marley tribute, Lorraine, FR)

  • Cédric Myton Birthday (Ollon, CH)

  • Some other showcases


Webradios from Switzerland and France (Alpradio, Papamokstyle Radio, La Vraie Radio) are streaming our latests EP since 2017. The 1st of March 2018, TimanFaya released the new song “Give me the sound” in collaboration with LionRiddims. During 2018, Ziko continued to write and produce new songs. He was also invited to play live music in Zinal, Martigny (Kheops Club) and Sion. Since August 2008, TimanFaya’s songs are also streamed on Radio Bellerine. End of the year, they made a last date at Purple Bar Coffee Shop (CH) before hitting the road again.




In 2019, TimanFaya and Masta J Selecta decided to go further with the Soundsystem Tour, from Switzerland to France and Romania. Early 2019, they made the first part of Yaniss Odua, Supa Mana and Volodia at Time Club, Saxon (CH) and I Woks at Vallorcine (FR). During that year, TimanFaya produced himself in more than 25 differents places over Europe.



For this new year, TimanFaya already started booking new dates to promote his upcoming album. Stay tuned !


2020 - 2021 COVID :
Malgré une année difficile due à la situation Coronavirus (COVID 19) TimanFaya se produit sur pas moins d'une trentaine de dates afin de défendre son nouvel album sorti en début d'année. L'artiste voyagera entre la suisse et la France durant l'année en partageant les plateaux avec Grezou, Keumart, Tiyab ou encore Fyah P.
TimanFaya se voit également être diffusé sur des radios régionales en Suisse et en France, il fait également
un passage sur la chaîne de télévision cantonale Valaisanne (CH). 



2022 : 
En 2022 TimanFaya reprend la route des concerts et se verra monter sur scène aux côtés de Marcus Gad, I Woks Sound, Grezou, Keumart entre autres lors de festivals et autres manifestations comme le pachamama connexion festival, la fête multiculturelle de Vevey etc... 
TimanFaya se produira sur plus de 21 dates pour sa tournée 2022, il participera également à pas moins d'une dizaine d'interviews, diffusions et interprétation acoustique en live sur des radios à grandes audiences (env. 100'000 auditeurs par jour).


2023 :

2023 est une année importante pour TimanFaya car c'est cette année que l'artiste déploie ses musiciens pour la première fois en live.Le groupe se produira sur plus de dix dates telles que le Rock The Pistes Festival à Champéry, Le Port Franc à Sion avec KT Gorique, La Fête Multiculturelle de Vevey et le BeRock Festival entre autres. La tournée comprend également des dates en formule dj set comme par exemple au Downtown K à Neuchâtel avec Jahneration, le Festival Objectif Terre à Lausanne, le Summer Vibration Festival FR (scène off), etc...


2024 : 


DiscographY :

First self-produced EP with 6 songs, released on November 2017. Mixed in collaboration with Stekum Selekta and Keazmic. Helped by Tribuman (Cédric Munsch) for brass instrument in the song “Dans ma bulle”.

Early 2018, TimanFaya released “Give me the sound”.

In March 2018, TimanFaya joined the Real Rock Riddim from Studio One to produce the dubplate Holdtight Shaolin Sound. (Released on April 2018)

For 2018, TimanFaya released his first album in collaboration with LionRiddims.

In July 2018, TimanFaya lent his voice to a new dub project from Tokiboun (FR-CH).

In December 2018, TimanFaya release his first featuring with Lyricson. “Unity”, released on the 14th of December 2018, right after “Confidence”, also released in December 2018.


Early 2019, TimanFaya released a new featuring, “HardWork Riddim with Fyah P. (Videoclip available)

In August 2019, FimanFaya released his third featuring with Tiyab (FR).

A new featuring with Aya Waska is made for the upcoming new album.

The new album project took shape during that year and is planned early 2020. (Produced in collaboration with LionRiddims).

In October 2019, TimanFaya recorded a new featuring with Megga Dillag (RO), on a beat from LionRiddims.


First EP 6 songs By TimanFaya

"Dans ma bulle",release November 2017.


First EP 6 songs By TimanFaya

"Dans ma bulle",release November 2017.


Deuxième album 14 titres de TimanFaya

"QUE DU LOVE",  sortie novembre 2022.

Cover tunecore.jpg

TIMANFAYA (LIVE) Album enregistré lors d'un concert.

Plouf Festival 2023 / Vercorin, CH

Sortie avril 2024

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